The so-called Old Town of Riga is (naturally) the city’s historic and geographic centre, located on the right bank of the Daugava River. Only remnants of the fortification wall remain that enclosed the city from the 13th to 18th century. But the narrow streets of cobblestone, and a multitude of Medieval architectural wonders are still standing, first and foremost being the churches and their steeples – making for a solely unique skyline.

Old Town is certainly a one-of-a-kind masterpiece of city planning of yore, – sturdy enough to withstand even the tourist throng in the 21st century. Something for everyone here – museums, art galleries, restaurants/bars/clubs, hotels, souvenir shoppes.

On Christmas, Easter, Līgo!/Midsummer Night, both Dome and Līvu squares are transformed into huge fairs or outdoor markets. Here one feels true atmosphere of the holiday at hand, and suffice it to say that the colourful vendors in their booths sell anything you require for your festivities at home or elsewhere.

When visiting Old Town, remember to bring along two items – a camera and a map – even locals lose their way on the myriad of streets short and long, winding and straight.

When the sun goes down and the moon rises, man yourself with an adventurous attitude and a good mood – be prepared to flow with the crowd. The busiest and noisiest by far is Kaļķu Street, THE prime location. From the Freedom Monument, it’s forward march to the Daugava, with “watering holes” and relief for the famished all along the way for all tastes (and price ranges).

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Address: doma laukums 1, Riga

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